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Arctic Construction Cluster is taking part to Scabeac-project during 2023-2025

Sustainable Construction and

Build Environment in Arctic Climate

The entire Arctic Scandinavian region will have extensive needs for sustainable industrial and social construction in the next 10 years, due to the green transformation of society and huge industrial investments. The construction sector thus faces challenges, ranging from increased demands for sustainability and digitalisation, to rising material costs and greater international competition. To address this, the projects’ overall goal is to establish a long-term cross-border cooperation platform in sustainable and build environment that can support the construction industry for the coming 10 years.

During 2021 and 2022 the industry and academy partners behind the project have built up common knowledge about challenges and opportunities concerning the construction industry and the large construction projects the coming years in Sweden, Norway, and Finland. Based on these knowledge partners from the three countries have established the project Sustainable Construction and Build Environment in Arctic Climate.

Throughout the project, small and medium-sized companies will offer advice in business and product development, financing, and export. They can find new partners and strengthen their competence in new materials, technologies, and methods to build sustainably, attractively, and cost-effectively. Through increased collaboration between our countries, academia, and the industry, we will strengthen the competitiveness of the entire industry and at the same time drive innovation and sustainability forward.

Sustainable Arctic Construction and Built Environment in Arctic Climate (SCABEAC) is a three-year Interreg Aurora project that is financed in Sweden by the EU, Region Norrbotten, LTU and business. Behind the project are LTU Business, Luleå University of Technology, UiT – The Arctic University of Norway, SINTEF Narvik, KUPA AS, Oulu University and Arctic Construction Cluster Finland. The project started in December 2022 and will end in January 2026.

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